A Sit Down with Dr. Kandel

By Grace Greene

Recently, while in-between meetings, Dr. Kandel, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs, spent ten minutes to talk to me about his adjustment to CA life.


Since this is your first year at Cheshire Academy, how are you getting used to it? What was your first impression of the school?

Dr. Kandel: My first impression of Cheshire was that it is a very warm and inviting place. I thought that the people were extremely nice. I really enjoyed the diversity of the population here: a lot of different kinds of people, all working pretty well together towards a common goal, so I was impressed by that.


How has your transition into CA been?

Dr. Kandel: It’s been good, but a lot to learn. I’m still learning everyday. There are a lot of pieces to the CA puzzle that one has to figure out as we move along, but everyday I’m learning new things. I’m been very lucky because I work with three incredible people who spend a lot of time teaching me the things I need to know, and they’ve been very helpful mentoring me and helping me get up to speed on all the nuances of Cheshire Academy.


As a dad, how is CA from a family perspective?

Dr. Kandel: Oh, it’s fantastic. I have two kids here, Abby and Matthew, and they both love it. They have great teachers. They love the classes that they’re taking and the sports that they’re playing. They like the environment of CA and they both feel very welcome. They’ve gotten to know people right away and feel good about the place they have in the community. Both my wife and I are very happy with how both our kids are doing here.


Lastly, what are your goals for this year?

Dr. Kandel: My goals for this year are to learn as much as I can about the school, to really become an expert in the International Baccalaureate, and then really, just to support the students and the faculty of Cheshire Academy to be the best that they can be

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